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 Ali Larter9/5/2007
 Anne Hathaway9/5/2007
 Britney Spears9/20/2010
 Camron Diaz9/12/2010
 Charlize Theron9/5/2007
 Gena Lee Nolin9/5/2007
 Halle Berry9/5/2007
 Jennifer Aniston9/12/2010
 Jennifer Garner9/5/2007
 Jessica Alba9/12/2010
 Jessica Biel9/12/2010
 Jessica Simpson9/19/2010
 Katherine Heigl9/12/2010
 Katie Holmes9/5/2007
 Keira Knightley9/12/2010
 Kevin Federline9/5/2007
 Kirsten Dunst9/12/2010
 Lindsay Lohan9/5/2007
 Lucy Liu9/5/2007
 Mena Suvari9/12/2010
 Paris Hilton9/5/2007
 Rachel Bilson9/12/2010
 Reese Witherspoon9/5/2007
 Shakira Mebarak9/12/2010

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Kirsten Dunst

Mena Suvari

Shakira Mebarak

Ali Larter

Britney Spears

Charlize Theron

Gena Lee Nolin

Anne Hathaway

Jennifer Garner

Jessica Alba

Jessica Simpson

Katherine Heigl

Katie Holmes

Keira Knightley

Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton
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