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Peeping Paparazzi Flash Game

Working for Peeping Paparazzi Inc. you and your trench coat twin must grab your cameras and head on over to the Trump Hotel in New York. Every celebrity is in town and your boss wants you to take pictures of as many Hollywood Stars as possible. Try and get tomorrow's front page featuring Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, or even Paris Hilton.

Using your trusty seesaw, you have 3 lives to sneak a peek into all of the windows. Don't drop your twin otherwise he'll be flat as a pancake. Remember, you are the Paparazzi and nothing will hold you back from peeping into the private lives of the hottest celebrities.

Click to switch sides on the seesaw.

The further you catch your twin on the end of the seesaw, the higher you are propelled into the air.

When a celebrity sees you they turn out their light. Move onto the next row of windows once all of the lights are out.

Press P to pause
Press S to toggle the sound

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